Practical tools to make your campfires, bonfires, and fire pits safer, easier and more fun to use!

Tim Kulseth, owner/blacksmith

Each FirePit Poker is individually hand-made by Tim in Crosslake, Minnesota.


Tim went to school for welding and has been welding for about 40 years. He has worked with TIG, wire and stick. It wasn't until he attended the Pioneer Show in Itasca, Minnesota, that he became interested in blacksmithing. And soon, new tools were purchased for this new form of art.


Tim has been incorporating metal into some of the custom work he has done—like a dining room table with metal accents or heavy metal brackets that are used to support counter tops. He has created metal yard art such as a pig on a stick, as employee gifts for a pork farm.


In 2012, Tim and Eileen Kulseth started their business of making the outdoor FirePit Poker, great for use with a bonfire, and the 36” long Campfire Fork, great for roasting marshmallows or brats over the campfire. Their business has grown and they now have stores selling their products across the continental United States and Alaska!

Tim has an inventor’s mind, so new products are being designed and created as the ideas come. Check out the products for the much loved “Fire Pit” in your backyard!

Their business is The Cottage Place, LLC. You can visit to find out more about their journey.

Our FirePit Pokers leave with a little bit of history in them.

Tim and Eileen Kulseth live in an historic log cabin in Crosslake, Minnesota; originally owned by Minnesota’s early pioneer logger, Cod Kimball.


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